HY-C Black-Painted Galvanized Steel 8" Mesh Height
Item#: 1540160

This 24 gauge 100% galvanized steel hood with scalloped corners and roll formed edges is removable to allow for easy cleaning, while it's 24 gauge 100% galvanized steel base flanges provide for extra strength in mounting. The expanded 18 gauge 3/4" 100% galvanized steel metal mesh is designed to keep pesky critters out and protect your roof from errant sparks. The 5/8" mesh meets California's strict spark arrestor codes.

Note: Chimney caps are required to have no larger than 5/8" mesh openings in the state of California. If not in California, the manufacturer may not allow you to purchase a chimney cap with less than a 3/4" mesh due to concerns about Condensation freezing over the openings in cold climates and affecting proper draft.


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