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Pellet Vent Pro

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PelletVent Attic/Multi-Multi Floor Chimney Pipe Kit

Use this for when your chimney pipe needs to go through multiple floors and attic to exit via the roof. This would also be used if you need to offset the pipe to accommodate obstacles in the path of the chimney pipe on the way up to your roof.

PelletVent Cathedral Ceiling Chimney Pipe Kit

Use this for when you have no attic with a tall, angled ceiling. This is designed to work with specialized black stove pipe to provide a clean, black powder coated finish from the pellet stove all the way up to the ceiling support box. This will provide pleasing room aesthetics while still being functional.

PelletVent Through-the-wall Chimney Pipe Kit

Use this for when you want to have your pellet stove exit via an exterior wall instead of the roof. This would connect to a pellet stove and exit through an exterior wall to where it will run up along the outside of your house connected via wall straps for stability.

PelletVent Chimney Pipe Kit

Use this for when you are installing a pellet insert into an existing masonry chimney. This will help you reach the maximum efficiency potential of the insert while keeping your home and family safe for years to come when properly installed.


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Professional installers love our Pellet Vent Pro. It provides reliable venting for the exhaust gases from a heating stove. Nothing beats the quality and longevitiy of a professionaly installed chimney system.
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