4" PelletVent Attic Chimney System Kit
Item#: N2592149

This 4" Attic Chimney System is perfect for an American and Canadian homeowner with its lifetime warranty. Use the Chimney System Designer below to configure your kit.

Standard Included Items:

  • Vertical Cap
  • Storm Collar
  • Adjustable Flashing
  • Ceiling Support Firestop
  • Appliance Adapter
  • Applian Adapter/Increase

PelletVent is a venting system designed for stoves that burn multi-fuels (wood pellets, corn, cherry pits, switch grass, coffee husks, walnut shells, soybeans, wheat, sunflower hulls, rapesee and sugar beets. or oil fuel. All seals are factory-sealed on all elbows, tees and fittings for optimum performace.


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Horizontal Offset:

Height of Chimney:

Roof Flashing Rise/Slope:

Additional Floor Penetrations:

Summary of Chimney System Kit