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Lock-Top Chimney Cap Damper
Item#: 56201105

All fireplace dampers leak energy - even new ones. So if you have a chimney, you need a Lock-Top top sealing damper! The Lock-Top Chimney Damper is like a storm door for your chimney - locking the unconditioned air outside, and keeping the expensive, conditioned air inside. You will be saving energy dollars year-round!

  • Constructed with a stainless steel lid attached to a cast aluminum frame by an array of stainless steel springs.
  • All Hardware Included including a 30' cable that is dropped down the chimney and operated with a handle mounted in the firebox. Just a tug on the handle will open or tightly close the Lock-Top
  • Features a chimney fire safety device that locks the damper open in case of a chimney fire.
  • Install the Lock Top Damper along with the EZ Sweeps Ring (not included) and make removing the damper for cleaning your chimney a whole lot easier!
  • Now open your chimney damper with even more ease! The EZ Open Damper Handle mounts to the wall of the firebox. A lightweight extension slips over the handle, and the opens the damper with minimal effort.

    Please Note: Snow and ice can keep the Lock-Top Damper closed in the winter time. If you experience snow and ice during the winter season, consider the Lock Top II Chimney Damper. This Cap and Damper combination is designed specifically for homes in cold climate regions.

    Please Note: We do not recommend using top-sealing dampers with gas fireplaces.


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