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Lock-Top II Chimney Cap Damper
Item#: 56201897

The Lock-Top II combines the energy-saving features of the Lock-Top Damper with a special, stainless steel Gelco chimney cap.

This combo unit is a great option for those who want the energy saving benefits of the Lock-Top Damper, but are concerned about snow buildup on top of the damper. This is also an excellent choice for homeowners looking to protect their chimneys from rain and pests.

  • The Lock-Top II comes fully assembled for easy installation.
  • Its base mounts to the built-in sweeps ring which is attached to the flue tile with silicone sealant
  • Comes with 30' stainless steel cable that drops down the flue, and a complete hardware set that mounts inside the firebox. (50' cables are available for taller chimneys)
  • The Lock-Top II comes with a Lifetime Warranty.
  • The Lock-Top II (except the 17 x 17) is available with a 5/8" screen mesh, which meets California Spark Arrestor Codes
  • Note: Top Sealing Dampers are not recommended to be used with gas fireplaces

The Lock-Top II Chimney Cap Damper will save you hundreds of dollars in energy costs, and is sure to quickly pay for itself!


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