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The Fireplace Draftstopper
Item#: 1590001

The easiest, most affordable way to save money on energy bills! The Fireplace Draftstopper is a revolutionary new product that you can install in minutes to start saving money instantly. This amazing product seals the fireplace, reducing heating and cooling loss, stopping downdrafts,odors, toxins, pollutants, and noise. It is reusable, and improves the comfort of the home all year long.

The small Draftstopper is engineered to fit any metal or zero-clearance fireplace, and the large Draftstopper will fit any masonry fireplace. Pre-marked slits will accommodate any damper handle. When installed, a "tee" supports the Draftstopper- this tee can be painted to match any decor, or can simply be removed for a completely invisible look.

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Detailed Draftstopper Information
Installation Instructions
The Tee

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