Vantage Hearth 32" Black Deflection Hood
Item#: 3720343

The Vantage Hearth 32" Black Deflection Hood is a helpful accessory to the fireplace that you have chosen. Insulating your mantel or surround from the radiant heat that your fireplace has provided gives this product an important job to do!

  • Heavy duty black deflection hood
  • Protects mantel or surround from heat of fire
  • 32" hood with 2" brow

While being comforted from the heat of a fire is relaxing throughout the year, oftentimes a mantel or surround can be damaged from the abundance of heat that it is exposed to. Use this black reflection hood to keep that from happening to your stylish surround or heavy duty mantel. The small investment promotes a long-lived and well maintained decor that surrounds your warming unit.


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