Vantage Hearth Galvanized Snorkel Vent Kit
Item#: 3720365

The Vantage Hearth Galvanized Snorkel Vent Kit provides all the necessary components in one quick, easy-to-use kit. The galvanized steel components include a 45º elbow and a 90º elbow , a 7-12" adjustable pipe, a 4' pipe, wall firestop, 36" snorkel termination, and 26 screws. The elbows were designed to make your job easier when making a functional path for your piping, even if it needs to change directions quickly. Promoting great versatility, the 7-12" adjustable pipe increases and decreases according to your specific needs. The wall firestop, snorkel termination, and 26 screws work together to make this kit complete and functional. Get your warming system up and running in no time with this complete kit!


  • Snorkel Vent Complete Kit
  • Includes 45º elbow and 7-12" adjustable pipe
  • Wall firestop, snorkel termination, & 26 screws
  • Get your warming system going


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