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Chimney Caps & DampersChimney Caps & Dampers
Chimney PotsChimney Pots
Chimney PipeChimney Pipe
Chimney LinersChimney Liners
Chimney CleaningChimney Cleaning
Chimney Masonry SuppliesChimney Masonry Supplies
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Chimney Caps & Dampers

When it comes to chimneys, we have them covered! We have a complete selection of all types of chimney caps; Single Flue Chimney Caps, Wind Resistant Chimney Caps, Copper Chimney Pots, Chimney cap accessories, stock and custom sizes, and more - it's all inside! You may also be interested in custom fireplace doors, fireplace grate heaters, or firewood log holders.

Chimney Cleaning

As the old saying goes, "A clean chimney is a safe chimney". It is important to keep your chimney clean for best operation of your heating unit. It is just as important to have the right equipment including the right chimney brush and rod and other cleaning tools. You should find everything you need to do the job right. If you need help in assembling the right chimney cleaning tools, a professional is available for expert advice. 1-800-919-1904

Chimney Fans

Mount one of these dependable chimney fans at the top of your chimney to help create proper draft and aid in combustion. These fans present a maintenance free solution to prevent smoke from filling your house. Even with small flues, these units can improve fireplace efficiency.

Chimney Information

Information resources for your chimney. Learn about the different types of chimney caps, the different types of chimneys, an much more.

Chimney Liners

We offer Easy Flex, Heavy Flex, and Rigid Liners. Our Chimney Champion Liners are made from the highest quality materials to ensure their longevity and the safety of your home. As our materials are designed for specific applications be sure to select the correct liner for your burning needs.

Chimney Pots

Do you love the look of copper chimney pots? Then it's time to crown your chimney with the elegance and durability of a Copper Chimney Pot. European Copper Chimney Pots enhance the architecture of your home and aren't subject to deteriorate like clay chimney pots. We offer five styles and sizes to choose from. Even though they are solidly built of copper and stainless steel the weight of our largest chimney pot is only 36 pounds. Installation is simple, using mounting hardware that come with each chimney pot. You simply attach them to the crown with your own masonry anchors. The included mounting brackets are also adjustable, so you can easily make sure your installation is level and looks perfect!

Chimney Systems

Woodland Direct has been in the chimney business for over 30 years. Our experienced, technical experts are certified by the National Fireplace Institute® and are here to assist you with any questions you may have. Our helpful customer service makes your Chimney System Project our chimney system project.

Masonry Cleaning and Repair

We have a wide assortment of masonry products to help in building a new chimney or repair a deteriorated masonry fireplace or chimney. From cast iron access doors to waterproofing agents, it's all inside this category. If you need any help professionals are only a phone call away. 1-800-919-1904.

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