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Real Fyre 25" Direct Vent Insert
Item#: 2547017

Turn your fireplace into an efficient gas heater while maintaining the look and feel of a wood burning unit with the Real Fyre 25" Direct Vent Insert. This unit combines dancing flames and glowing embers for the look of a wood fire with the convenience and efficiency of a modern gas heater.


  • Dimensions: 29" W x 13.25" D x 18.5" H
  • Minimum Fireplace Dimensions: 30" front W x 15" D x 19" H x 20" rear W
  • Heat Output: 13,500 - 20,000 BTUs with NG/16,000 - 20,000 BTUs with LP
  • Efficiency: 64.5% US & 65.1% Canada

The Real Fyre 25" Direct Vent Insert offers great efficiency ratings and high heat outputs for your home and family to enjoy. The direct-vent “sealed combustion” technology lets you turn down your central heating system and “zone heat” just the room you’re in. With an electronic ignition system it is easy to light and has a battery back up that saves energy and will work in a power failure.

The Fyrestarter™ hand held remote allows you to adjust the flame and heat. With thermostatic operations you can set the desired temperature and the temperature and flame will automatically adjust. This remote system also control of the quiet yet powerful 125 CFM blower, on/off accent light, flame height and rear burner shut down.

Customize the look of your insert by selecting your liner, log set and surround. The Real Fyre gas log sets are designed to reflect the look of real wood. The logs are molded from an exclusive new proprietary fiber-based refractory ceramic mixture that's lightweight, durable and glows like an actual burning wood log. The included embers create a wonderful glow from the dancing flames and the accent light showcases the beautiful details.

The insert surrounds will seal any space surrounding the unit when installed in your existing fireplace. Select from a 3-sided or 4-sided design in multiple sizes.

  • Small 3-Sided Surround: 34.375" W x 1.5" D x 22" H
  • Medium 3-Sided Surround: 37.375" W x 1.5" D x 25.55" H
  • Large 3-Sided Surround: 40.375" W x 1.5" D x 28" H
  • Small 4-Sided Surround: 34.375" W x 1.5" D x 27" H
  • Medium 4-Sided Surround: 37.375" W x 1.5" D x 30" H


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