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Conmoto Andiron Set by Peter Maly
Item#: 3700010

You'll appreciate the sleek elegance of the Conmoto Andiron Set by Peter Maly. This set of two andirons is ideal for holding up your firewood so that air can pass around it, encouraging proper burning and decreasing smoke. But perhaps most intriguing is its modern minimilist design.


  • Set of 2 andirons
  • 8.2" W x 9.5" H
  • Contemporary design

The Conmoto Andiron Set by Peter Maly was designed by renowned European furniture designer, Peter Maly. Maly has a love for geometric shapes and strives for "clarity, functionality and timelessness" in each of his design pieces. True to form, this andiron set is an ideal addition to your hearth, providing you with elements of practicalty and enduring style.

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