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Telford Andirons - Custom Size
Item#: 46900089

With their lustrous and uniquely hand crafted quality, the Telford Andirons - Custom Size are built to exceed expectations. These andirons are ideal whether you're looking to merely enhance the look of your fireplace or you've purchased a fire basket that requires the companion set from our stunning assortment. This forged steel andiron set is heated in a coal forge at a temperature over 2000° and shaped over an anvil with modest tools, calling to mind the legends of the former master blacksmiths.


  • Elegant scripted feet
  • Eternal classic style
  • Heated in a coal forge at over 2000°
  • Craftsmen use superior techniques for highest quality product

With their rising spires and spherical ornamentation, the Telford Andirons - Custom Size exude a timeless sophistication. From product design and craftsmanship to quality materials and innovation, every detail has been considered to bring you the andiron set you've been looking for.

The Telford Andirons - Custom Size is available in any size to fit your design scheme. Talk to one of our sales representatives to get a quote and(more...)

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