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Arbors and Trellises
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Wood Arbors

Although the arbor has been historically recognized for providing a shaded place in the garden to relax and unwind, these arbors are anything but fragile. Solidly constructed of a variation of hard woods for long lasting durability with minimal maintenance, these wood arbors combine beautiful design and fine craftsmanship to enhance any outdoor space.

Vinyl Arbors

Maintenance free and incredibly durable, vinyl arbors will provide you with total freedom from maintenance. Vinyl materials never need painting, staining, or sealing to keep their exceptional good looks.  Designed for the more discriminating homeowner, the Yorkshire Arbor seamlessly combines ornate architectural features with timeless beauty. If you prefer a more traditional arbor, the Cottage Arbor might be the perfect match for you.

Metal Arbors

Historically, arbors (also referred to as pergolas) referred to the permanent architectural features that were constructed of powerful brick and stone pillars.  During the Renaissance era, arbors were used for more aesthetic purposes and were delicately formed with springy vines bound together to form arches to make a lovely passage that was both cool and shaded in the heat of summer.  Modern arbor designs can be used to achieve this look by weaving certain types of vines and branches through a wrought iron, or metal, arbor such as the Monet Arbor.

Arched Style Arbors

An Arched Style Arbor is the perfect way to lead guests into any garden or to sit inside under for shade from the hot summer sun. Its graceful curving segments - constructed of iron, wood, or vinyl - and detailed design make this type of arbor a must have in any garden.

Pergola Style Arbors

From weddings on the beach to Victorian style homes, these Pergola Style Arbors bring the look of summer to your outdoor space year round.  Bright and airy in design, these sturdy arbors make a romantic entryway or practical divider as part of your landscaping plan.

Arbors with Gates

Welcome visitors to your home with our intricately designed Arbors with Gates.  This category houses an extensive carefully chosen selection of arbors to suit any decor and bring a sense of sophistication to your entryway.

Wood Trellises

Wood trellises are structures, usually made from interwoven pieces of wood, bamboo, or metal, that are made to support climbing vines, plants, and vegetables.

Wrought Iron Trellises

Add whimsy and charm to your garden with a delightful Wrought Iron Trellis. The Tendrils Trellis I is appealing in design with a quirky patterns of curves and and scrolls in a durable wrought iron.

Vinyl Trellises

Vinyl trellises and landscape screens offer support for climbing branches, as well as the privacy of wood trellises without the maintenance. Specially treated to withstand harsh weather conditions, a vinyl trellis will never crack or rust. Place a trellis against your house to create the look of crawling vines spread out against your exterior walls. You can also use some of these trellises in small or oddly shaped areas to grow blooming vines virtually any place in your yard.

Landscape Screen Trellises

Landscape screens are the perfect solution for places that require privacy. They can be used to shield unsightly appliances, spruce up a blank wall, shield your yard from your neighbor's without investing in a fence, or to create garden "rooms" through which your guests can wander.

Obelisk Trellises

Designed to bring order to otherwise wayward garden plants and vegetables, our traditional Obelisk trellises will also add vibrancy to your garden.

Arbors & Trellises Accessories

Whether you need stakes to securely place your arbor, benches for making it multi-functional, or extenders to span across a larger outdoor space, look no further than this for all of your arbor accessory needs!

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