Rectangular Heritage Arched Fireplace Glass Door
Item#: 1259821

The Rectangular Heritage Arched Fireplace Glass Door overflows with traditional style and smooth design. Handcrafted with a unique arched style makes this glass fireplace door stick out from others with it's handsome style. Constructed with heavy duty steel allows this decorative door to tolerate the large amount of heat that a fire gives off.


  • Constructed with steel & tempered glass
  • Three decorative door color options
  • Choose from 14 frame finish options
  • Bi-fold full swing trackless doors

Featured with a laser cut, 1/4" welded steel frame that has 14 finish color options, this product is ready to accommodate any decor that you currently have or constantly dream of! Accented with a beautiful tempered glass door front gives every customer the option of a bronze, grey, or clear colored glass that better fits their style.

Finished off with bi-fold trackless doors gives this door unit greater versatility than most doors have. The doors are easy to open and convenient to place exactly where wanted. With the optional air-draft control, the user can control the amount of air flow to the fire. Adding style and a handsome, finished look to your family room or living area is easier than you thought! Style up your favorite room in minutes with this easy to use glass fireplace door!


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