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Antique Pine Bellows
Item#: 2600001

The Antique Pine Bellows is a must have for every home with a fireplace or wood stove. This bellows is designed out of the finest quality of wood and every attention to details speaks craftsmanship. You will enjoy the beauty of this great tool as well as the ability to breathe life into your smoldering fire.

This fine quality bellows comes from the heart of America, built and designed in Tulsa, Oklahoma by Johnny Beard. Johnny Beard is a skilled craftsman with 35 years experience. Johnny Beard stands by his designs and his signature is on each one. Special attention to detail and design is a focal point of this great fireplace tool. The antique pine look of this bellows shows the intricate detailing of the natural wood grain and lends style and class to your hearth area. This bellows is built to last with high quality wood, durable leather, brass nozzles and brass nails.

Everyone that has a fireplace needs to have a bellows nearby. A fireplace bellows feeds air to the flames of a fire by using an expandable bladder with flexible sides that can be expanded to draw air in and compressed to force the air out, boosting the combustion in wood fires. This will allow a dying fire to come to life in an instant!

So take the hard work out of stoking your fire by breathing some air onto your smoldering embers with this easy to use bellows. You will enjoy many relaxing nights gathered with family and friends around your fireplace without having to be distracted by an uncooperative fire.

You will enjoy using this bellows for many reliable years to come. This bellows will take the work out of stoking up a fire to gather with friends and family around.


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