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Carved Scroll Bellow
Item#: 1155330

Breathing life into the heart of your fire, the Carved Scroll Bellow has been fashioned for simple convenience and a rustic antiquity. Carved from sturdy wood grain, wrapped in bound leather, and finished with matching cast nozzle and rivets, this hearthside work of art has been designed to offer the greatest amount of productivity for the least amount of work.


  • Leather bound accordion lungs
  • Artisan carved wooden handles
  • Cast nozzle and rivets

Swelling with comprehensive air control this bellow gives a show of superior taste and design. By flexing the leather accordion lungs, you’ll be able to deliver a strong blast of air from within the airtight cavity, providing more oxygen to your fire and raising the rate of combustion. In addition to the bellows’ ability to revitalize and fuel a fledgling blaze, this product is finished with a classic flourish for decorative applications—and, with a 10 Year Limited Warranty, you can rest assured that it will last for many years to come.


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