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Patriot Bellows
Item#: 2600018

The American made Patriot Bellows is designed with you in mind. You will appreciate the attention to detail and the carefully crafted work done on this great bellows. This bellows features solid oak wood with a light oak stain, a unique curved design to the body of the bellows, and quality hardware that boasts style and craftsmanship.

These are the finest bellows made and they are built to last. Johnny Beard is a skilled woodworker and metallic designer and has been creating new bellows designs for the last 35 years. These autographed bellows are all hand crafted in Tulsa, Oklahoma and are one of a kind. Some bellows have knots or natural markings in the wood, which displays the natural beauty of each piece and enhances the unique quality of these one of a kind designs. These bellows are made with the highest quality full-grain and suede leather, beautiful natural wood, with brass nozzles and nails.

Everyone that has a fireplace needs to have a bellows nearby. A fireplace bellows feeds air to the flames of a fire by using an expandable bladder with flexible sides that can be expanded to draw air in and compressed to force the air out, boosting the combustion in wood fires. This will allow a dying fire to come to life in an instant!

So take the hard work out of stoking your fire by breathing some air onto your smoldering embers with this easy to use bellows. You will enjoy many relaxing nights gathered with family and friends around your fireplace.


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