Legend Fireplace Rectangle Door
Item#: 1630750

The Legend Fireplace Rectangle is an all steel, heavy duty glass door enclosure made in the United States. The Legend is made from beautifully finished, rugged, lasercut steel frames with no seams, no welds, and no sagging hinges.

You can add a mesh curtain or gate mesh doors to provide extra protection against errant sparks or rolling logs. Another option that you may want to include is the Grate Heater. This heater allows you to improve efficiency of your wood burning masonry fireplace. The glass comes in grey, clear, or bronze to add that special attention to detail every homeowner is looking for. You can also give your vertical sides a 1/2" or 1" bevel to enhance the style of the door.

The legend can be installed as either an inside or overlap fit allowing for that perfect fit in your fireplace opening. You will enjoy the classic beauty of the Legend Fireplace Rectangle glass door. Draw attention to your favorite family gathering area by placing this classic door around your relaxing fireplace.

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