Vianden Handmade Fireplace Door
Item#: 21700010

Handcrafted by a skilled American metal artisan, the Vianden Handmade Fireplace Door offers sturdy steel construction adorned by exquisitely forged brass aspen leaves. These features are complemented by clear 1/4 inch thick tempered glass surrounded by beautiful, traditionally styled metal. The dimensions of this product are also made to order, so you can completely customize it to your specific fireplace!

  • Handforged custom metal fireplace door
  • Beautiful decorative brass aspen leaves
  • Clear 1/4" thick tempered glass

The quality provided by the Vianden Handmade Fireplace Door elevates it to the level of artwork. Factory-made fireplace doors simply can't match the level of attention and detail offered by it. Due to its custom, handmade nature, this fireplace will be something truly unique that you'll be satisfied with for years to come!


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