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Byron Fire Basket For Andirons - 18"
Item#: 46900014

The Byron Fire Basket For Andirons - 18" is the ideal crossroad of function and beauty, especially with its strong, linear lines. This forged steel fire basket is heated in a coal forge at a temperature over 2000° and shaped over an anvil with modest tools, calling to mind the legends of the former master blacksmiths.


  • Brushed steel finish
  • Modern style is both innovative and unique
  • Heated in a coal forge at over 2000°
  • 24.25" width
  • Craftsmen use superior techniques for highest quality product

The Byron Fire Basket For Andirons - 18" is outfitted with a removable door to block the unsightly view of ash in your fireplace. This fire basket has been designed with sleek steel bars to rest on the andiron set of your preference. Choose from one of our excellent designs to complete your set. From product design and craftsmanship to quality materials and innovation, every detail has been considered to bring you the fire basket you've been looking for.


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