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Vestal 32" Basket Fireplace Grate
Item#: 1311121

Fireplace grates are an essential item for anyone with a fireplace as they promote ventilation and provide a solid base for logs. The Vestal 32" Basket Fireplace Grate will do all of that while adding an element of style to your hearth.


  • Cast Iron Construction
  • Tapered design with a 32" width across the front
  • Leg Height: 3.5"

The Vestal 32" Basket Fireplace Grate features curved legs and tapered sides with removable end pieces. Attach the ends to the unit and this grate turns into a wood or coal basket. Heavy-duty and crafted in America, these cast iron grates will make a fine addition to your fireplace.

Please note: The front width measurement refers to the width of the grate portion not the distance from leg to leg.


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