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Rasmussen Alterna Vent-Free FireBall Set - Dark Gray
Item#: 3204047

The Rasmussen Alterna Vent-Free FireBall Set - Dark Gray will bring popular modern design to your single sided fireplace. This set comes complete with FireBalls and a vent free burner that has been specially assemble with it's own chassis, burner and control assembly.


  • Set sizes: 20", 24" and 30"
  • Ceramic bonded refractory concrete
  • 4" diameter uniform FireBalls
  • Ceramic stain coloring

With three sizes to choose from, burner finishes and ignition options you can customize this set to meet your needs and match your decor! You can also choose your control system: manual, remote ready or a variable control. With a manual control you just turn the valve knob to light the burner and to control the flame height. The remote ready control has five wireless control options; an on/off control, thermostat control, wall thermostat control, wall timer or a wall switch. The variable flame control uses a remote to control a motor drive system that turns it on/off and manages the flame height.

The black finish burner pan will fade into the background while accentuating the objects and the flame and the stainless steel will provide a contract to a darkened fireplace, giving a more contemporary look. Each set is colored with a ceramic stain that produces a transparent, non-uniform appearance as it absorbs into the material's pores, thus enhancing the uniqueness of this set. The ceramic stain will not burn away and will age gracefully.


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