Silhouette Masonry Multi-Sided Fireplace Door
Item#: 1632457

Customize your unique multi-sided fireplace with this Silhouette Masonry Multi-Sided Fireplace Door. Give your fireplace a face lift with a beautiful and high performance door that covers all angles!

This door is versatile and 100% customized! Select your frame type, glass, mesh and door style for each side in a finish to match your decor and style. Select from an inside or overlap fit for installation. This door is well made and provides a sense of safety to your gathering area around the hearth. You will enjoy the comfort and peace of mind that this classic door brings to your hearth. The handles are placed near the top for easy gripping so that you will be able to easily tend your fire.

By completing the steps below you will be able to customize your door to your personal tastes and needs.

Add this timeless door to your fireplace and you will enjoy many relaxing hours gathered around your fire with your family and friends.


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