Tahoe Deluxe Direct-Vent Fireplace - 42" Direct Ignition
Item#: 3511393

The Tahoe Deluxe Direct-Vent Fireplace - 42" Direct Ignition is designed specifically to compliment the included log set - produces a natural dancing flame. The wide viewing area, heat-resistant tempered glass window provides an unobstructed view of the hand-painted logs creating an appealing classic style!

This direct-vent fireplace draws in fresh outside air to support combustion and exhaust combustion by-products to the outdoors. The Tahoe’s vent-within-a-vent isolates the incoming fresh air from the exhaust, yet still requires just a single hole through the wall or roof. This Tahoe fireplace is heater rated, with a maximum Steady State Efficiency of up to 83%.

The fireplace’s simple, elegant design features hem-bent seams that seal better and eliminate dozens of screws and fasteners – for a more rigid box that eliminates installation headaches. The Deluxe model requires just 16" of depth and use 4" x 6 5/8" venting, making them ideal for applications where wall-cavity space is tight. This direct ignition system uses 110V AC to generate a spark to directly ignite the burner each time it comes on.


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