Vantage Hearth Peninsula Direct Vent Fireplace - 36"
Item#: 3720276

The Vantage Hearth Peninsula Direct Vent Fireplace - 36" hosts a unique style and remarkable functionality that will warm your next event in minutes! This heavy duty unit has a natural gas and liquid propane option that determines it's BTU capability, ranging from 31,500 to 35,000 BTU's during each use. The 36" direct vent fireplace is constructed with a full refractory brick liner that gives it a finished and cozy look in your bedroom or living room. It's manual valve or electronic igniion control options makes this fireplace seem as custom as possible while the user remains in full control of the unit.


  • Direct vent fireplace unit
  • Natural gas or liquid propane options
  • Provides up to 35,000 BTU's for the user
  • Full refractory brick liner
  • Manual valve or electronic ignition control

This easy-to-use peninsula fireplace is the perfect centerpiece for any room, being able to see through the glass on 3 sides, while creating a half wall in one room or between 2 rooms. It is able to create a room divider or an incredible accent piece to the room, adding decor and warmth. The unique design of this charming fireplace gives it the ability to accommodate any style or decor that you have already chosen for the room. It works well with a remote control which can be purchased separately from the unit itself.


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