Vantage Hearth Premium Direct Vent Smooth Fireplace - 42"
Item#: 3720265

The Vantage Hearth Premium Direct Vent Smooth Fireplace - 42" adds a sense of friendship and romance to a room, while quickly applying warmth to the atmosphere. It's smooth face gives the heavy duty unit a classic and smooth look that will perfectly accommodate your bedroom or living room. This direct vent fireplace provides up to 38,000 BTU's depending on the selected natural gas or liquid propane option that is chosen. Controlled with a manual valve gives the user the ability to be in charge of the unit with one simple knob on the backside. Complimenting your room to the fullest, you are able to choose from liner options that include a black interior or stacked and herringbone brick liners that give the fireplace a finished look.


  • Direct vent fireplace unit
  • Natural gas or liquid propane options
  • Provides up to 38,000 BTU's depending on gas type
  • Choose from 2 unique liner options
  • Manual valve controlled system

This easy-to-use direct vent unit helps to warm a room in minutes and creates a comfortable atmosphere for you and your guests. The 42" fireplace includes a VersaFire ceramic log set that consists of split oak logs that are arranged in a burnt layout to give the fireplace a realistic appearance. Give your room a quick and easy makeover by adding this well-designed fireplace to the center of your room. It's style and warmth will provide exactly what you are looking for!


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