Vantage Hearth Value Advantage Smooth Direct Vent Fireplace - 36"
Item#: 3720205

The Vantage Hearth Value Advantage Smooth Direct Vent Fireplace - 36" introduces sophistication and charm to your dining room, living room, or bedroom. With the convenient choice between rear or top venting, you are able to get the exact fireplace that you are looking for, installing your venting pipes on the back side or upper side of the box. The direct vent fireplace provides up to 20,000 BTU's, the number varying with the choice of natural gas or liquid propane. Thoroughly built to host fires for years to come, this fireplace includes a VersaFire log set that is arranged in a campfire style for a unique look.


  • Direct vent fireplace
  • Ceramic log set included
  • Choose between rear or top venting
  • Provides up to 20,000 BTU's
  • Natural gas or liquid propane option

Ready to warm up your next event in minutes, this direct vent fireplace is easy to use and works like a charm. It's classic look and smooth face gives the fireplace the ability to perfectly match almost any decor! Making your experience more convenient than before, this direct vent unit can be controlled with a remote control or wall thermostat (purchased separately). This manual valve controlled fireplace allows the user to have full control of the heat in no time by simply turning a knob!


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