Vantage Hearth VersaFire Direct Vent Gas Fireplace - 42"
Item#: 3720290

The Vantage Hearth VersaFire Direct Vent Gas Fireplace - 42" incorporates beauty and nature into any décor or style! The face's deep, black color looks perfect against light colors, perfectly evening out the colors in any room. Constructed for hosting a lifetime of fires for you and your family, this heavy duty 42" fireplace works well with an added VersaFire log set that perfectly fits into the firebox, creating a natural look in the room. Being a VersaFire product gives this fireplace the ability to be changed at a later date, should the user change their decor or style.

  • Direct vent fireplace with VersaFire logs
  • Random log arrangement for uniqueness
  • Choose from Manual or Electric ignition
  • Select your preferred gas type
  • Provides up to 38,000 BTU's

Being the centerpiece of most direct vent units, this fireplace uses minimal energy while creating optimal warmth in your home. Hosting an exquisite multi-tiered flame presentation, this exceptional system gives your living room or bedroom a detailed and glowing look. The unit's realistic glowing ember bed gives it more beauty than imaginable, giving your next event sophistication and romance. The log's grate can be used for wood burning as well, with it's andiron enhancers. Including a glass fireplace door, flex connector, shut-off valve, and pre-wired junction adds on to the featured log set that also comes with this incredible unit. Choosing from natural gas or propane allows the user to get exactly what they are looking for, utilizing up to 38,000 BTU's at a time.


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