Tjernlund Auto-Draft Inducer - Dj-3C
Item#: 2560060

It's easy to install the Tjernlund Auto-Draft Inducer - Dj-3C. This unit will give you positive draft in many difficult venting areas. The venturi action starts air moving up the stack instantly and keeps it moving smoothly.


  • Creates positive draft
  • Eliminates venting issues
  • Knob speed control
  • Includes PS1505 Fan Proving Switch
  • Helps with venting issues like down drafts, negative pressures, and more

The Tjernlund Auto-Draft Inducer - Dj-3C will help you create a positive draft where there are negative pressures, down drafts, undersized flues, or long horizontal vent connectors. Typical applications include boilers, furnaces, water heaters, multiple appliances, bakery ovens and factory processes.

This Tjernlund Auto-Draft Inducer - Dj-3C is built to last a long time and maintain trouble free service. The included PS1505 fan proper is designed to accurately monitor the fan housing only. A motor or wheel failure will dramatically lower the housing pressure and deactivate the pressure switch, safely preventing combustion.

Please Note: Vents or chimneys utilizing in-line draft inducers must be vertically terminated above the roof line. Do not use this component for side wall venting. Consult the factory for proper side wall vent system options.


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