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GreatCo 78" High Definition Linear Electric Fireplace
Item#: 27001060

The GreatCo 78" High Definition Linear Electric Fireplace is a linear electric fireplace that redefines the way you relax in your home. Select from 13 LED backlighting options to match the décor or your current mood.


  • Includes remote control
  • Heat Output: 5,000 BTUs
  • Power: 1500 Watts
  • Temperature Control: 50º - 86º F
  • CSA Approved

Turn on the heat to warm your room quickly and easily with the included remote control. This remote allows you to control the fire intensity, lighting color, heat range, thermostat, and timer. Set the time from 1/2 hour to 9 hours!

This hot fireplace feels cool to the touch, yet, puts out heat when you want it. It hangs easily like a piece of art - easy to install and sets up in minutes. Place it on any interior wall with an electric outlet. Just plug it in and have a beautiful fire in minutes.


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