Vantage Hearth Louvered Electric Fireplace with Heater - 36"
Item#: 3720162

The Vantage Hearth Louvered Electric Fireplace with Heater - 36" reveals a world of dancing flames that work to quickly warm a room in minutes, making it cozy and comfortable for you and your guests. The 32" fireplace has clear LED control panel lights and shows off it's stunning embers and realistic flames each time that a fire is hosted. Giving off 5,000 BTU's of heat, this fireplace includes natural looking logs that are carefully designed to resemble real logs from around the world. Including two side brick panels gives this fireplace more charm than before, having an accented and finished look surrounding it.


  • Space saving electric fireplace
  • Includes natural looking logs
  • Louver-faced fireplace front
  • Provides up to 5,ooo BTU's
  • Convenient remote control included
  • No chimney or venting required

Designed to work hand-in-hand with the included remote control gives this unit the ability to show off it's independent heat, light, and flame adjustments that transform to the current mood or season. The radiant flames can operate with or without heat, encouraging a beautiful display of art that will not heat the room, during a warm summer evening. The unit plugs into a standard electric wall outlet for a simple use each time that the dancing flames are wanted. Appropriate for any room in your home, this brilliant fireplace is the perfect mini makeover for any style or decor that you have chosen.


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