Enervex RSD Chimney Fan Dilution Bolts
Item#: 55500012

When integrated with an RS chimney fan, the Enervex RSD Chimney Fan Dilution Bolts assures vibration-free operation. The bolts also raise the fan above the chimney or adapter to allow for a dilution air to enter the fan and cool off the flue gases.


  • Stainless steel bolts
  • Allows for cooling of flue gases
  • Silicone rubber damper

The Enervex RSD Chimney Fan Dilution Bolts are used for applications where the flue gas temperature, or the temperature of the exhaust going through the fan, exceeds 575°F.

Not only are you gaining vibration-free operation, but you are allowing for cooler flue gases as well. Both discreet and functional, the dilution bolts fit seamlessly into the chimney mounting surroundings. Order today and maintain complete control of your chimney.


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