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Anywhere Fireplace Empire Indoor/Outdoor Fireplace
Item#: 3620009

Redefining contemporary heating by putting big heat in a small design, the Anywhere Fireplace Empire is the perfect way to take your fireplace out of the box and into the open. This unique, stainless steel tabletop fireplace makes a cozy, but dramatic statement anywhere you choose to put it – your den, your patio or deck, indoors or out.


  • Requires no chimney or ventilation
  • Burns Gel Fuel
  • Is easily placed on a table or flat surface
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Smooth stainless steel finish

Lightweight and portable, the Empire is sleek, smooth, and sophisticated. The top of the design is slightly recessed to make room for the polished stones (included,) which add a decorative touch around the flames. You can choose to use shells, sea glass, or marbles as well. A long handled stainless steel fire snuffer is included to extinguish the flame. This fireplace uses Gel Bio-ethanol Fuel. These fuels are safe for indoor use and do not emit harmful toxins into the air.


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