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Bio Flame 13" Ethanol Fireplace Burner
Item#: 3630024

Create your own fireplace with this Bio Flame 13" Ethanol Fireplace Burner. Constructed of stainless steel this burner can be used indoors or out and can be built around. Add multiple burners for a continuous look or to surround an area or a room.

This burner is a highly efficient heating solution that will match any room or environment. Ideal for apartments, houses, bars, restaurants and offices - enjoy the cozy comfort of a real flame fireplace anywhere.

The Bio Flame 13" Ethanol Burner requires no chimney, vent or flue because of the liquid fuel it uses. Bio-ethanol is produced from renewable resources and is further refined with clean additives to eliminate smoke, odor and soot when the fuel undergoes combustion. This fuel produces natural-look 12" flames that will be a wonderful art piece for your home!


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