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EcoSmart Fire 1200DB Ethanol Firebox - Black
Item#: 35900163

The EcoSmart Fire 1200DB Ethanol Firebox - Black is a linear firebox that enables designers, architects and builders to use them in a variety of bespoke settings. This zero clearance unit is constructed of lightweight stainless steel. The linear design features the XL Burner and Wind Screen Static. The 1200DB Firebox includes a built in stainless steel bench to accommodate the burner. This firebox can be installed indoors (apartments, houses, and commercial premises including offices, bars and restaurants).


  • Holds 2.6 gallons of fuel
  • Heat output of 19,163 BTUs
  • Heats 646 sq. ft.
  • Includes burner, wind screen, jerry can, lighter with lighting rod

This unit comes in a hi-temp black finish that is durable and heat resistant. The black powder coat offers a traditional firebox look.

As with all of the EcoSmart Fireboxes the ease of installation is a highlight. This firebox can be fitted by a builder, into any combustible or non combustible material. This models offer you the flexibility to incorporate the EcoSmart Fire into an existing closed off fireplace, or to build them into a feature wall. It is fuelled by Denatured Ethanol, an energy efficient, renewable bio-fuel. The clean burning nature of ethanol means that the burner does not require a flue to remove toxins, making installation a breeze.


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