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EcoSmart Fire AB3 Round Ethanol Burner
Item#: 3590091

The EcoSmart Fire AB3 Round Ethanol Burner allows you to think outside the box and outdoors! This round burner reflects the growing trend to integrate indoor living with outdoor entertaining. The versatile design enables it to be installed in a wide range of outdoor applications.


  • Holds .7 gallons of fuel
  • Heat output of 5,800 BTUs
  • Burn time of 8 hours
  • Includes jerry can, lighting rod and lighter

A simple lid is used to extinguish the flame and cover the burner opening when it is not in use. This prevents dust particles, leaf litter, rain and debris from falling into the 304 grade stainless steel tank, leaving it clean and safe for use year round. With a designated, inbuilt filling point to ensure the same procedures can be followed to decrease the likelihood of overfilling.

The minimalist design and ability to withstand extreme heat result in consistent and reliable operation at all temperatures and permitted fuel levels. With baffle inserts you can regulate and further stabilize the flame at the same time as increasing fuel efficiency and flame stability.

This unit is fueled by Denatured Ethanol, an energy efficient, renewable bio-fuel. The clean burning nature of ethanol means that the Burner does not require a flue to remove toxins, making installation a breeze.


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