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EcoSmart Fire XL 900 Ethanol Burner
Item#: 3590003

Sophistication, elegance, cutting-edge performance and functionality define the EcoSmart Fire XL 900 Ethanol Burner, which has been developed in response to demand for longer flames. The XL 900 Burner includes baffles for fuel efficiency; drafters for flame stability; smart filling point, and a new design shut-off mechanism (hinged plate adjustment rather than sliding mechanism).

The EcoSmart Burner XL is the core product of all EcoSmart Fires, being the chamber that houses the fuel. It offers ultimate flexibility due to its modular design which presents you with the opportunity to create an open fire just about anywhere! This burner can be installed into any setting that complies with our Compulsory Installation and Clearance Specifications.

The XL Burner is designed for installation in commercial premises including offices, bars and restaurants as well as units, apartments and houses. Get versatile with your fire and create a modern look in any space with this XL 900 Burner. It is fueled by Denatured Ethanol, an energy efficient, renewable bio-fuel. The clean burning nature of ethanol means that the (No Suggestions) Burner does not require a flue to remove toxins, making installation a breeze.


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