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Planika Fireline Automatic Ethanol Fuel Burning Insert
Item#: 3240055

The Planika Fireline Automatic Ethanol Fuel Burning Insert is the first fully automatic bio ethanol fireplace. Operated with a remote control and features to integrate with a smart home system. This fireplace is truly the most innovative, feature rich, fireplace on the market.


  • Holds 5 liters of fuel
  • 10 hour burn time
  • Remote control
  • Meets safety certificates for: CE, UL, PZH, GOHST
  • LED Display and Possible Smart Home Integration
  • Promoting safety and a peace of mind, the Planika Fireline Automatic Ethanol Fuel Burning Insert is equipped with many safety sensors protecting against seismic activity, over filling, and high levels of carbon dioxide, the fireplace will automatically turn off with any inaccuracy it detects. It is suitable for any kind of interior, both commercial and residential as it emits no smoke or smell and does not need a chimney. The patented Burning Ethanol Vapor Technology, or BEV for short, guarantees smokeless and odorless combustion. A very reliable and energy saving fireplace.

    Truly versatile this linear burner can mount into a wall, onto a shelf, or used as a see-through or free-standing fireplace. In addition, this fireplace has four stages of flame control, allowing for that perfect mood setting. A burner capacity of 5 liters and boasting a 10 hour burn time. With the LED display and smart home integration you can relax and be in control from across the room.

    Add variation and uniqueness to your project as the Planika Fireline Automatic Ethanol Fuel Burning Insert can be made to size. Coming standard in a 39" width, this fireplace can be made anywhere from 31.1" up to 86.6". Need more, not a problem, a longer line of fire can be obtained by simply joining multiple sections to your desired length to cover the space required. The fire line can be extended endlessly and you are only bound by your imagination with this highly decorative fireplace. Call and order the perfect fireplace for your home today.


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