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Planika L-Shape Ethanol Fire Table - Oak and Dark Brown
Item#: 3240024

The L-shape Ethanol Fire Table is a transparent piece of furniture with character. It features a double-sided glass, a form made of dark oak or a white lacquered MDF that resembles the letter L, and a hearth with an open fire. Within an interior, L-shape creates an air of stylish elegance. This blend of minimalistic form with smokeless fire enhances the overall impression of a contemporary home design. The transparency of the Optiwhite glass intensifies the effect of the flames. Additionally, the glass prevents direct contact with the fire, making L-shape safe for the user.

This portable indoor fireplace presented on the CBS program The Early Show is a fine example of an environmentally friendly ethanol fire. The Early Show editors prepared a special material on fireplaces. The L-shape, through design and simplicity of use, is no longer just a fireplace, it is a bio-fireplace that can change your biography.


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