Aromatherapy Kit for Glassfires
Item#: 3240022

Thanks to the specially designed Aromatherapy Kit for Glassfires, you can easily create a specific mood. Let the magnetic beauty of the fire and subtle fragrance of the essential oils, take you into a world of sensual feelings and create the atmosphere you desire. Enter a land of dreams, excite your senses and experience the smell of life.

This kit comes with a powder coated steel holder, glass bowl and a set of 4 essential oils: fir, orange, rosemary, cinnamon.

  • Energizing Orange: Free your mind, let your body fill with energy and experience the passion.
  • Inspiring Rosemary: Let the delicate fragrance take you to the world of creative exaltation. That's how inspiration is born.
  • Chic, Stylish Cinnamon: The air becomes hot with passionate aroma of cinnamon. The atmosphere fills with delight, sophistication and enthusiasm.
  • Fir Tree Harmony: Soak into the blaze of wood scent. Move to a place of eternal harmony and peace.


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