Brasa Fragrances
Item#: 4480032

Heighten your senses with the Brasa Fragrances. This is a simple and subtle way to add fragrance to your home. These scents are not diluted oil so you can be sure a little goes a long way. Simply add a few drops to the fragrance reservoir on your Slim or XL burner, add a couple drops of water and then light your burner. These scents will gently diffuse into the air adding to the ambiance of your room.


  • 1 ounce fragrance bottle
  • Use in Slim and XL burners
  • Diffuse fragrance into the air
  • Suitable for indoor / outdoor use
  • Ten scents to choose from

Diffusing essential oils into the air releases oxygneating molecules as well as negative ions, which reduce bacteria in the air. This is a great way to help you relieve tension, dispel odors, and create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. Diffusing essential oils is also very effective at enhancing mood and uplifting spirits. Enjoy entertaining your guests and having a scent to match the mood.


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