Decoflame Bio-Ethanol DecoFuel - 4 Bottles
Item#: 3600013

Operate your Fireplace with the best fuel around, Decoflame Bio-Ethanol Deco Fuel. Each case of DecoFuel consists of 4 bottles, with each bottle containing 4 Liters of Bio-Ethanol Fireplace Fuel.

DecoFuel bio-ethanol is obtained by the fermentation of sugar extracted by beets, sugar cane, or the starch contained in some cereals. This formula burns clean at a 98.5% efficiency, without odor or residue, within accepted levels of the ULC/UL Standards. EcoLogo approved, this bio ethanol is thereby considered a product that is environmentally friendly. EcoLogo is an environmental standard, and a prestigious and respected North American Trademark.

Please Note: This fuel cannot be shipped air due to TSA restrictions. Can only be shipped within the contiguous states.Phone number and adult signature required for delivery. Fuel cannot be returned due to Department of Transportation regulations. All sales are final on fuel.


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