EcoSmart Fire Wind Screen Static - 450
Item#: 35900219

This clean and simple EcoSmart Fire Wind Screen Static - 450 increases the safety of your open fire without compromising the view to the flame. Featuring four circular attachment screws and a flat panel of toughened glass, the wind screen has been designed to fit seamlessly and easily onto EcoSmart Fireboxes.

Important: The glass used is toughened glass which means it is stronger than normal glass and can withstand high temperature variations. Importantly, even though it is stronger, toughened glass still has weaknesses. The corners and sides are specific pressure points where it is more fragile and can break if care is not taken. In the case of breakage, toughened glass will shatter into small crystal-like pieces which can cause potential injury and be a choking hazard for small children. We advise that the glass should be handled with special care and that operation of the product should cease immediately if a fault is found. Breakage due to mishandling is not covered by warranty.


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