Fanola Fire Starter - set of 12
Item#: 3240020

The Fanola Fire Starter - set of 12 was created to ensure the safe use of the Chantico products. This fuel is a renewable green energy source. This products has been tested by the National Institute of Hygiene and the Scientific & Research Centre of Fire Protection and they issued their approval with respect to the usage and operating conditions of our bio-fireplaces.

Fanola is a specially formulated liquid that has been thoroughly tested and approved by specialists from the Environmental Toxicology Department of the National Institute of Hygiene with regards to its safety for people and the environment when used in accordance with the label instructions and operating manual of the product. Fanola is a denatured ethyl-alcohol that has undergone a triple rectification process. It is a biologically clean product of plant origin and is a fully renewable, green energy source. Fanola is carbon-dioxide neutral. As a result of burning, steam and CO2 remain in the air in similar proportions exhaled by humans. Neither smell nor smoke are emitted while burning.

Please Note: This fuel cannot be shipped air due to TSA restrictions. Can only be shipped within the contiguous states. Phone number and adult signature required for delivery. Fuel cannot be returned due to Department of Transportation regulations. All sales are final on fuel.


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