Lumina Crossfire Wick Conversion Kit Large - 12 Pack
Item#: 46100008

The Lumina Crossfire Wick Conversion Kit Large - 12 Pack provides a peace of mind when using a burning unit in your home or garden. Outdoor burning units can now be enjoyed and appreciated with this safe, eco-friendly solution to safety issues in the past. The non-flammable component works well with fuel to burn both efficiently and safely in your home, cottage, or yard.


  • 12-pack eco-friendly conversion kit
  • Supplies needed to use bio-fuel in your firepot
  • Converts open-cup burning method for safety
  • Works both indoor & outdoor
  • Steel cup purchased separately

Perfect for decorating your next event or romantic evening, this unit is ideal for a wide range of burning units that use wicking technology. It is one of the most cost effective methods to use, being cheaper and longer-lasting than ethanol use. The conversion kit quickly converts existing units into wicked burner, working both indoors and outdoors.

Safe for handling, this planet friendly fuel accessory is recycled, purified, and harmless. It's clean burning performance avoids soot, smoke, toxins, and residue. Laboratory tested and safe for emissions, this non-hazardous conversion kit is proudly made in the USA!.

Note: Size most common used in Napa Home and Garden firepots, or sizes similar to these.

Note: Conversion kit must be used with Super Bio Fuel


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