Lumina Super Bio-Fuel - 4 Pack of 4-Liters
Item#: 46100005

The Lumina Super Bio-Fuel - 4 Pack of 4-Liters is a unique fuel that works in conjunction with any unit using batting or a wick. Providing ultra-safe handling and non-flammable features, the natural materials are able to eliminate flash fires or flare-ups with a high flash point. One of the most cost efficient options, this fuel shows its power with 40% longer burning time than most other fuels.


  • Eco-friendly superfuel 4-pack
  • Safe for indoor or outdoor use
  • Most cost effective ethanol fuel alternative
  • Burns clean - no soot, smoke, toxins, or residue

One of the most cost effective ethanol fuel alternatives, this fuel is recycled and purified for an eco-friendly balance. Safe, cost efficient, simple, and clean, this fuel makes any burning unit more enjoyable than before. It's recycled materials are non-flammable, making it easy to store and handle. The clean burning fuel eliminates soot, toxins, smoke and residue that cause longer clean-up times and fewer uses in many homes. Enjoy this earth friendly fuel that is proudly made in the USA!

Please Note: Fuel cannot be used without a wick conversion kit. This fuel cannot be shipped air due to TSA restrictions. Can only be shipped within the contiguous states.Phone number and adult signature required for delivery. Fuel cannot be returned due to Department of Transportation regulations. All sales are final on fuel.


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