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EcoSmart Fire Zeta Ethanol Fireplace
Item#: 3590050

The EcoSmart Fire Zeta Ethanol Fireplace is stylish and striking - an original! Winner of the 2009 Design Award Australian International Design Awards in Sydney, Australia, the Zeta fireplace is named because of its elliptical shape and pays homage to its Greek origins.


  • Burner holds 1.25 gallons
  • Heat output of 13,000 BTUs
  • Heats 377 sq. ft.
  • EPA Certified

A clever fusion of timber, leather and stainless steel, the portable Zeta fireplace sits on a brushed or polished stainless steel swivel base. The plywood body of the fire is shaped from a high frequency heated aluminum mold into the perfect elliptical shape. Featuring a ventless stainless steel firebox insert is molded to the internal face of the plywood, and the outer surface is upholstered in leather. The toughened glass screens that sit either side of the fire enhance the stunning visual effect created by the flame. The Zeta fireplace is available in different leather colors including Ciocolatta, Nero, Ranch Hide and Latte.

Fuelled by denatured ethanol - an environmentally friendly, renewable energy - the Zeta, like the rest of the Designer Range, is clean and green. This unit comes fully assembled, ready to be placed where you wish, and are operational immediately. There are no installation or building works required. Ideal for apartment owners where space is limited and popular with tenants who would like ambient heat that moves when they do.

This unit is designed and hand made in Australia, please expect 10-12 weeks for construction and shipping.


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