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Fire Dance Daytona Ethanol Fireplace - Gray
Item#: 3640006

When fire is passion the design of the Fire Dance Daytona Ethanol Fireplace - Gray is the result. The Daytona is a piece of art that is exceptionally designed as a lifestyle products with both a highly functional and emotional quality that will not only add ambience to any garden or home setting. This fireplace features unique minimalistic design while radiating a grand ambience for all to enjoy.

Constructed with ESG certified safety glass, high grade polished stainless steel firebox and a high quality steel body with a premium powder coat finish it is built for durability and lasting beauty. This innovative design from Germany enhances the art of the pure bio-ethanol flame as it dances in changing patterns. The fuel chamber holds 1.5 liters/.39 gallons and will burn up to four hours (or more). The Fire Dance series include a renowned firebox that has been credited as producing "the best flame display of any bio ethanol fireplace in the world."

Bio-ethanol is an environmentally-friendly fuel that is safe to use indoors and out. It is clean burning, producing no hazardous fumes or soot.


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