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Planika Totem Ethanol Free Standing Fireplace
Item#: 3240026

The Planika Totem Ethanol Free Standing Fireplace is a model incorporating Glassfire Technology. With its high located flame nest it sheds light like a lighthouse onto the surrounding area. Totem is a perfect idea for an outdoor fire for cozy summer evenings in your garden. The black body of the model creates an eye-catching contrast with the fire. The special ethanol based fuel – Bio Ethanol, makes the fire free of smoke, making the model also ideal for indoor use.

The new Commerce burner allows for the extension of the burning time up to seven hours. This latest invention represents also a great enhancement of safety. The inside of the burner is filled with highly absorbent ceramic fibers to keep the Bio Ethanol fuel contained and prevent from leaking and spilling even when pushed over. The new technology has been developed especially for restaurants, bars, and outdoor areas.


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