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Anywhere Fireplace SoHo Indoor Fireplace - Black
Item#: 3620002

The clean, geometric, sophisticated design of the wall mount Anywhere Fireplace™ SoHo is a stunning addition to the art of interior design. Born of ingenuity and exact lines, this ethanol burner can be hung anywhere – living room, bedroom, family room, and dining room alike


  • Ventless, needing no chimney
  • Requires no gas or electric hook up
  • Burns Eco-Friendly Liquid Bio-Ethanol Fuel
  • Easily hangs on any wall
  • Odorless, smokeless, no ash, non-toxic, non-polluting

Stepping off the hearth and out of the box, this ethanol burning fireplace comes with mounting hardware, making it an easy installation and an even easier appliance. With the simple addition of bio-ethanol fuel, prepare to sit back and enjoy the warmth of real flames in just minutes.


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